Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Breaking Bad (behaviour)

Its not about the TV show I've never seen it but I thought it was a good title for this entry again about the tabletop wargaming.

I have several gaming friends who are young gamers who are just starting out (relatively), one in paticular who has been playing for a while but had "Bad Experiences TM" and he is showing signs of wanting to win by any means necessary including some bad behaviour assumingly picked up from other bad behaviour ppls. So I'd like to show him how to play the right way (for me its about Having Fun TM and Learning Experiences TM) but....

The next game scheduled game that Im playing him is a part of a campaign which I need to win to progress my side. My current campaign partner is expecting me to try my hardest to win. The young gamer's supervising adult basically told me "Let the wookie win"

What to do?

I think the best way is scripted like this "Hey young gamer this game is supposed to be part of campaign X and that means I'll be trying to win very hard in a pleasant and relaxed manner  but if you would like we can play this a friendly and an even more relaxed which will be focussed on teaching you the right way of doing things so you can win without any shinanagens, what sort of game do you want to play?

So My Potshot From the Hill is "how do you handle player shinanagens?" I mean in a constructive way rather than spitting the dumming and having a hissy fit at the first bad behaviour and creating your own set of bad and undesirable behaviour?

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