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Battle report (old) Warhammer Fantasy Battle High Elves Vs Dwarves 8th edition Nov 2011

Praise Khaine by Nic and OB
“You want me to what?” I asked incredulously. Prince Bel-Tarion looked at me pitilessly.

“It is simple; I want you to take the tower. No more, no less.”

“But neither the Shadow Warriors nor the Great Eagles have returned with scouting reports. We don’t know where the bearded ones await us.” I pressed.

“You will have a commanding view and you can tell me what you can see.” He responded simply.

“Er one last question,” he nodded and I pointed towards the Circle of swirling and glowing magical power. “What is that?” The Prince shrugged his shoulders in complete dismissal.

“How would I know? Lord Sandiel wanted it take and now it is being taken.”

“What? Wait! Didn’t he get squashed by a Bretonian War machine some months ago, and where our Mage support?”

That’s two more questions, but I will answer them nonetheless. Yes he was and it was decided that we didn’t need any. You have your orders, Sarionel, Don’t worry I will be moving the rest of the army up, in support as quick as I can. On my honour we will protect you.”

And so I did and they did. To my surprise and horror my first view was an entire Dwarven Army with an awful lot of black powder weapons point at me and the tower.

So close were they, that an elite dwarven regiment was able to charge my regiment of Spearelfs as soon as the sun rose. We repulsed them bloodily twice before our sister Spearelf regiment pinned them just outside the fort long enough so the battered remains of a Swordmasters of Hoeth Regiment could hit them from the other side.

Even an elite dwarf Regiment has a breaking point, which it reached after the two remaining Swordmasters butchered their left flank. After chasing them down the Blademaster and his banner were shot to pieces by the hand gunners I will mourn Telianiel the Blademaster for he was my friend. But that thrice damned black powder weaponary didn’t come near me or mine.

By the time it did, the Prince had used up all his Dragon Prince heavy Cavalry and his Battle Standard Bearer going through another regiment of those Khaine dammed guns and two war machines I now know as an Organ gun and a Cannon, he charged into the flank of them and butchered them to the last Dwarf as a terrible vengeance for the Sword Masters. 

That mystical Portal stripped my regiment eventually of all its armour and some times hindering us by showering balls of fire on us and some time helping us by enhancing. But it didn’t seem to like the dwarfs either because it shot balls of fire at a passing gyrocopter which destroyed it two thirds after which an Eagle’s claw Repeater Bolt thrower finished it off.

And for some reason the dwarf at the back with an anvil who had spent most of the battle banging on his Anvil shooting bolts of energy at the Dragon Princes slowing them down and killing a few, banged it too hard and broke it and it exploded taking him and his attendants with him. Dwarves have so many compensation issues.

But as the last rays of light graced the valley that had seen so much blood spilt a solitary Dwarven (inferior) bolt thrower crew and its Engineer saw our prince bearing down on them and quit the field. My regiment was the luckiest with seven elves left in our ranks. The Dragon Princes were gone as were the Sword Masters, Our sister regiment had two unwounded elves the only untouched units were the two Eagle’s Claws guarding our flanks. Tonight we acknowledge the work of the blood handed god… Praise Khaine.

OOC Game the Tower (again)
Nic 4 Brian 0 Whilst it turned into a very bloody game and Brian was almost wiped from table, I thought when the dwarves charged the tower first turn I was foobared and watching the Dwarven gun line melt the swordmasters and dragon princes away in the second and third turns without getting into combat I was thinking I was foobared hard but then the fourth turn came and the last two swordmasters charged the other flank of the Ironbreakers killing four of them, the ironbreakers breaking (finally) I thought I might have a chance. That and Brian’s luck deserted him, his anvil broke… by a dirty high elf trick called pendant of VENGENCE, killed his general. And my general romped through the rest of the gun line. I was two turns away from tabling him, my general had bypassed the bolt thrower (they were on the same flank) to munch on the black powder gun line. By the time he had finished the gun line, it was going to take three turns to get back to the bolt thrower he had travelled that far. My hero of the day was the Prince with the honourable mention to the Spearelf regiment who held the Tower of the whole 8 turns. (First time I’ve heard that being done.) Oh and no love to the sword master unit panicking first turn from a slight drizzle of black powdered lead.

We learned a lot and both had a lot of fun thanks Old Brian for the game and Wes for his place and thanks Megan for the Choccie

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